Our Projects
Brook St - Before   Brook St - After

  We purchased this 1910, 2 family with 3 bedrooms on each floor. The house had a lot of water damage.   The house was resided with a new roof. We converted the attic to add 2 more bedrooms and another toilet to the second floor.
  Center St - Before   Center St - After
  We purchased this 1920 2 family with 5 total bedrooms. The house needed a repaint.   We repainted all rooms and converted into a 3 family add $80K in equity to the property.


  Sanford Ave - Before  

Sanford Ave - After


  We purchased this 1892 3 family with two street fronts. The property suffered from a roof leak that made it unliveable. All the copper was stolen also.  

We replaced the roof, siding, repainted the walls and added laudries. Eventually we'll add a second duplex at the rear.




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