About Us

Our Mission
To provide our investors with solid returns on real estate investment opportunities.

Who We Are
BYO Homes, LLC is a professional real estate investment company that buy, sell and rent single and multi-family real estate in Fairfield County.

Our Experience
Our team has been buying, selling and managing real estate for over a decade. We have experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. Our main focus is to return under performing assets back to the rental and real estate markets.

Paul Shelley

Manages the finances, is responsible for the analysis, buying, financing and selling of properties
- 8 years experience managing investment properties
- Completed extensive training in commercial property investment, syndicating deals, wholesaling, property management, foreclosure buying, the lease to buy process, and private lending
- 10 Years experience as a Project Manager in the financial industry
- 8 years running a project management company


What We Do
1. We buy distressed multi-family properties that we return to the rental market as affordable housing for Section 8 Tenants (federal assisted)

2. We buy under performing assets in emerging markets with a value add componet (i.e. an issue that can be fixed and then increases the income or lowers the expenses). We resolve the issues to create a performing asset that provides our investors with excellent returns on their initial investment.
3. We buy distressed single family houses that we rehab and make available for first-time homebuyers.


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